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Above is just an example of embedding the top hits into the front page. We could remove the excess formatting and combine the log-ins so it fits in nicely. See examples here as a stand alone and here embedded in the front page.

OWW is in a unique position with its open-minded user base to start to develop novel platforms for the publication of scientific information. As it stands, OWW provides an online collaborative tool that is used to generate and share scientific knowledge and progress. We wish to add functionality to OWW to enable the day-to-day content to be published in an open, online system with community review.

Here's how it might work

  1. Scientific investigations are carried out on OWW by making pages, putting up results and discussions, etc.
  2. When a page is 'publishable', the user clicks the 'Publish to OWWJournal' button on OWW that posts that page to
  3. Every posted on OWWJ has an associated DOI, score and vote up/downn buttons. The community of users can vote up/down as to what they think of the post. Posts can be ranked based on score. Posts can also be commented on, and those comments can be ranked.
  4. The OWWJ site would publish RSS feeds of the new articles.
  5. Authors who post articles that are voted high gain reputation. At anytime, users can view the reputation of the author.

Based on the example of, an extension of the website taylored for physics research news and trialed for openwetware use. We propose to create to handle the voting and comment system. This could be a trial run to see how the system works. It would allow users to post pages from OWW. Reddit could also create a bookmarklet browser button "post to OWW". Click here to see Reddit embedded into OpenWetWare, showing the latest news, research and recent changes.

Benefits for the OWW Community

Authors receive community reviews of their work through voting and comments. Readers receive a what's hot view of the recent OWW changes. Other relevant news could also be published.

Involving existing publishing channel

Existing publishing channels should be approached as they may be interested in sponsoring this experiment. They benefit from the knowledge gained and from being associated with our community.

Example in use

We propose to try this model out with the iGEM project pages and the BioSysBio conference abstracts, bearing in mind that is an out-of-the-box working system that might not be the final solution.

Phase In

We propose to set up the system and use it for highlighting OWW pages and other science community news, possibly with the top 3-5 hits appearing on the front page of OWW as in this mock front page. If all goes well, perhaps this would evolve by itself into an open publishing system as outlined above.

Things to think more about

  • Formal relationship with Reddit e.g outsource of DIY
  • User log in same as OWW
  • History snapshots/current page linked/dewikified?
  • any news okay? e.g nature story?
  • publish to button
  • DOI to history?
  • Sponsorship?
  • sorting algorithm for hot page/rank
  • Who is the author? Multiple authors if they edited?
  • comments stored on Reditt site? shown on each page?
  • Should you have page author permission before submitting a page?
    • Rewards system for both page authors and people that find those pages.
  • Different pages for different interests (e.g Synthetic Biology news... OWW news ... as seperate pages?)