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All of these icons were designed by Jenny Nguyen.


Service lab.png Service course.png Service protocols.png Service notebook.png Service collaboration.png

Sblab.png Scientificwriters.png Event.png Meetings.png Suggestions.png Labs grey.png Groups turquoise.png Protocols red.png Community orange.png Resources yellow.png Gettingstarted green.png Courses violet.png About blue.png

CommunityDevelopment.png Ideas.png Design.png InformationManagement.png Courses.png Software.png

CommunityDevelopment portal.png Ideas portal.png Design portal.png InformationManagement portal.png Courses portal.png Software portal.png

Lecture.png Protocols Icon3.png Protocols Icon2.png Materials Icon2.png Questions Icon.png GettingStarted icon.png RecentChanges icon.png RecentChanges iconbaby.png GettingStarted iconbaby.png


Change.png Link.png Upload.png Special.png Printable.png Materials.png Protocols.png Communityportal.png Calendar.png Random.png Changes.png Home.png Start.png Resources sidebar.png

These icons were uploaded by George Ahunov.


Roadmap task.png Roadmap urgent.png Roadmap done.png


Icon board.png Icon info.png Icon groups.png Icon comment.png Icon book.png Icon gear.png Icon gear2.png Icon user.png