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OpenWetWare Event Highlight
Abstract titles have just been submitted! Details are being added to abstracts for the BioSysBio 2007 Conference held at the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre January 11-13, 2007. BioSysBio is aimed at students, junior faculty, and post-docs working in biotechnology to share their research, but all are welcome to attend.

The conference will include sessions in Computational Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology. The new session in Synthetic Biology hopes to highlight some of the European entries in the MIT based International Genetically Engineered Machines competition (iGEM).

Plenary speakers include: Steve Oliver from the University of Manchester, Alfonso Valencia from Universidad Autonoma Madrid, and Ron Weiss from Princeton University.

All are welcome to attend to...<html><img src="" align="right"><br/></html>

  • Learn cutting edge research
  • Hear about most recent scientific advances
  • Learn new bioinformatics and systems biology applications in workshops
  • Get the bigger picture of academic research
  • Network with members from academia and industry

Pictured: Dr Jose Pereira-Leal during keynote question and answer 2005