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Brief description

The UMS that we use to process new users doesn't interface well with the mediawiki DB backend.

Detailed description

  • New feature requests
  • The user count given by {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} is not up to date.
  • Track who approved which account (optional)
  • Centralized archival of all request approvals and denials along with discussion
  • Advanced user account management (delete user while reassigning edits (merge accounts), etc - see Ilya's UMS page for other useful queries)
  • Dynamic check of whether the username is already taken, also whether the email provided has been registered (which indicates a duplicate account)
  • An easy way for admins to check if a first/last name has already been registered
  • Users must confirm a valid email BEFORE admins see the request, otherwise we have many people who are approved but their approval emails bounce.
  • Allow editing/reformatting of a person's name within the user management queue. (In capitalization is wrong or something.)
  • check boxes for signing up for 'oww-discuss' mailing list.


  1. Change the user management system backend to use MediaWiki hooks rather than direct access of the database.
  2. Change workflow so that upon account request, the applicant receives an email in which they confirm their account request (to confirm a valid email address), and then they show up in the queue.
  3. Log