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Brief Description

A 'publish to OWW' button would allow for information on private wikis (or wikis using a future 'OWW distribution') to be moved seamlessly into the public OWW site.

Detailed description


  1. Does the entire revision history get published?
  2. Do linked, uploaded files get transfered?
  3. Do linked pages get transferred?
  4. Probably need to be able to choose a new page name?
  5. Conflict with categories and templates.

Interested community members

  • Steve Koch
    • From the private wiki, the default behavior might be to transfer the current page and all the sub-pages (with "/subpage), and lock them from further editing on the private wiki. It could be an option, perhaps, to include the revision history, but default not copy history. Uploaded files are one of the more annoying things to transfer, if numerous. I think these should be transferred to the public wiki, and then automatically change any other links on the private wiki so they link to the public file. Is it possible to add a feature so that private wikis can easily link to public wiki files (like wikipedia automatically links to images that are in the commons)? If not, then the images will have to be duplicated so that [[Image:]] tags work for formatting.
  • Maureen Hoatlin
  • Diego Ramallo