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OpenWetWare elections week beginning 13th August 2006

OpenWetWare continues to increase in content, labs and users. The steering committee is a group of users that meet up/teleconference once a month to decide how best to run things on the site. As we start to make important decisions about the future of OWW we want to split up the tasks that need to be completed and share some of the responsibility with other users. We think it is important to include everyone in the decision-making process, so in two weeks time we will be holding an election for 4 positions:

Roles to be elected

Elections will begin on Sunday August 13th midday EST and voting will be open for 1 week, until midday EST Sunday August 20th. If you are interested in standing in the election then you must nominate yourself by adding your name on the nomination page before noon on Sunday 6th August. Voting will take place on-line and more details will be posted shortly. All users with accounts created before 6th of August will be eligible to vote.

Draft by-laws for OpenWetWare

As part of our efforts to improve the way the OWW community reaches decisions affecting the community we are drafting a set of by-laws, which you can read, comment and edit here. One of the first tasks of the steering committee for the next 6 months will be to complete and formalize these by-laws. Any input on these draft by-laws would be very much appreciated.

Time commitment

If elected to one of these roles, you would be making a commitment to attend the monthly steering committee meetings (in person or via teleconference) and to take an active role in the development and management of OpenWetWare.