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This chart shows the growth of the active OWW community based upon each user's initial month of activity and the last month they contributed. This doesn't include the last time they connected to OWW or logged in; just the last time they edited a page.

  • Brown bars show the net change in active users (i.e. the increase of active OWW users is slowing). This number can fall below zero if more people stop using OWW than people joining AND making edits.
  • Blue bars show the number of new users. Watch out the numbers are sometimes obscured by the neighbouring column and then look like only a 2 digit increase even though its a 3 digit increase.
  • Ocre bars show the number of users that have stopped editing in that month and have not edited since. Since people are unlikely to remove their registration, this figure is equivalent of people leaving OWW.


The graph shows that the peak of active user growth, so far, was in 2008/2009 and has been declining rapidly since then partly due to users stopping to use OWW.