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This presentation from the BioMIBLab Summer 2006 Workshop is a database bioinformatics tool.


A unifying bioinformatic resource of analyzed cancer transcriptome data.


  • Web based program
  • Meta analysis between different experiments
  • Easy to use interface across the spectrum of researchers
  • Bridges the gap between clinicians
can use when tumor samples are low due to wide variety of samples on the database
  • High level analysis
  • All analyzed data standardized
  • Co-Expression Analysis
Identifies genes that are similarly expressed across several tissue samples within various experiments
  • Only includes cancer specific data
  • Must go through external sites for raw data, therefore raw data is not in a standardized format.
  • Need login access (free for academic not free for civilians)
  • The link to the databases does not take you directly to the page for the specific gene. The user must search the database themselves.

Full Presentation

Oncomine PowerPoint Presentation


Oncomine Homepage