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This page is describes the updates that are taking place to move administration of the wiki from the Endy lab to the BioMicro center.

  1. Prepare the new machine
    • Done. The new server at bmc-5.mit.edu is set up and ready to serve pages. It is running Mediawiki 1.4.10.
  2. Move openwetware.com to the new address to test the wiki. Change ANAME and CNAME to point to bmc-5.mit.edu
  3. freeze the current wiki (no write access) and provide appropriate notice on the Main Page.
  4. copy the wiki and settings to the new machine:
    • stop apache to make sure no updates are happening (just to be on the safe side)
    • get the snapshot of the wiki folder and database dump:
      • $ zip -r /mnt/bionet/homedirs/ilyas/bmc-dropbox/openwetware.zip /var/www/html/openwetware
      • $ mysqldump -u wikiuser -p --opt wikidb > /mnt/bionet/homedirs/ilyas/bmc-dropbox/openwetware.sql
    • start apache
  5. unfreeze wiki on the new machine
  6. move A/CNAMES of openwetware.org and openwetware.mit.edu to the new address
    • Recent requests to MIT IS&T have taken several days to process. The yahoo addresses seem to update within minutes.
  7. clean up model... send link from model to the new site.

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