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Name: Pubget
OWWProject cartoon 40x41transp.png
Description Integrate the Pubget service to provide full text articles from OWW links to Pubmet and other services when available
Project Type  lab
Status  active
Requested By  Drew
Start Date  8/1
End Date  TBD


Pubget is a free service that allows anyone with legal access to a subscription periodical to view an article when a request is made to the pubmed service. Pubget has created support for over 60 universities and many periodicals. General full-text search of terms contained in these periodicals is also provided.


In progress.

I've met with the Pubget managers and have implemented several different interfaces that are in operation now. I'll include a link to the doc.


More integration is possible. Sine they have a search engine that's a subset of Google's coverage but highly relevant to the biotech community, it's possible that we can provide a custom search from OWW to provide better results that Google currently provides.


None yet.

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