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Name: OWWLinks
OWWProject cartoon 40x41transp.png
Description Add Support to OOW for publishing spreasheets and documents to OWW from Google Documents
Project Type  lab
Status  ongoing
Requested By  Endy
Start Date  3/1/2009
End Date  9/1/2009


OWWLinks are private pointers maintained in lists for each user. Unlike a watchlist item, an owwlink does not have behavior associated with it. In OWW, a watchlist items is a request to be alerted when a particular document changes. This is a simple entry containing the namespace and title of a specific OWW page. It's 'like' a bookmark but is limited to the OWW site.

A new 'link' tag has been added to allow users to make links and view them. When a user first joins OWW, a set of default links are added. A mediawiki: page contains the list of default pages. These can be chaned by OWW admins.

In addition to the actions needed to maintain a user's list of links, another feature is still pending.

The MediaWiki editor has no built-in way to add functions to the icon-laden toolbar. However, an extension has been installed that allows for augmenting the default button list with additional buttons written by users.

This toolbar has already been used to add Word and Excel documents from Google Docs to a document in the process of being edited. These are present and are working.

An extension to the toolbar to add OWWLinks while editing a document has been the proposed way for this to be implemented.




Time to complete: Some time ongoing as other javascript interfaces are introduced.

Mediawiki Widgets

Time to complete: Completed

UI Mods

Time to complete: Friday (8/6)

Normalizing the interface for different types of documents

Time to complete: Friday (8/7)


This need to be completed. This should include notes to complement the existing code as well as a blog entry and additions to the FAQ's describing them.

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