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Name: Lab-UserPDFExport
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Description Provide a single button to allow a lab to export the contents of their lab as a single PDF file
Project Type  lab
Status  not active
Requested By  member
Start Date  TBD
End Date  TBD


A pdef export function has been installed in OWW that allows for the backup of content with a single click in the form of a PDF file. Unlike a wiki backup, this is an export-only method. One or more files will be saved as a single PDFfile and downloaded to the user when clicked.


Not in progress. Awaiting review. Instructions for individual members have been provided.

The extension is in place. Currently it is limited to either export a single page or all of the members of a single category. This needs to be extended to grab all of the pages in a pseude-namespace such as "Endy:".


Since few groups use category tags, we need to add a function to provide the set of lab pages. This is not a lot of work but as of yet has not been done.


None yet.

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