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Name: Lab-User Backup
OWWProject cartoon 40x41transp.png
Description Provide a single button to allow a lab to export the contents of their lab as a single file
Project Type  lab
Status  ongoing
Requested By  member
Start Date  TBD
End Date  TBD


MediaWiki provides a standard import/export format that allows for transfer on one or more revisions of every specified document in a list to be exported from OWW and them imported into another wiki. This would be placed on a list of lab actions that could be then clicked on to ddownload a single XML file or have it emailed to a given user's address.


Not in progress. Awaiting review. Instructions for individual members have been provided.


This can be done now without any programming but requires documentation and is error prone. This would be a single step to send the content out.


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