Notebook:Barry Canton/PCR boilerplate

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Not sure if this is going to be useful but we'll see.

Reaction 1
Reaction Mix (μl) Thermocycling
H2O 39 95 1min
Buffer 5 Thermo Pol 91 30s
Forward Primer 1.5 R0183rRNAF 60 30s
Reverse Primer 1.5 rRNA-4RTHR1/rRNA-4RTHR2 70 18mins
dNTPS 2 Cycles 25
Template 1 1/100 of template prep 0 0
Polymerase 2 Vent 4oC 1 hr
First two reactions used rRNA-4 as template. Last two used fixed.

Copy this text:

{{PCR reaction| Water= |Buffer= |PrimerF= |PrimerR= |dNTPs= |Template= |Polymerase= |Denaturing Temp= |Denaturing Time= |Denaturing Cycle Temp= |Denaturing Cycle Time= |Annealing Temp= |Annealing Time= |Extension Temp= |Extension Time= |Cycles= |Final Extension Temp= |Final Extension Time= |4CTime= |Notes= }}