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Some Logos I came up with. If you like them, thats great. If not, its ok - its just something I like the play around with in my spare time.

Jamboree Presentation

My mock-ups for our project presentations. It can be presented during the Jamboree and accessed as a tutorial from the website. John had a good idea about constantly reminding our audience where all of this takes place and I tried to incorporate it. Hope you guys like.

The "homepage"

The presentation view.

T-shirt Designs

Yes it probably doesn't look anything like science but I have you all fooled. It's supposed to be a "streaked" bacterial colony plate encircled by DNA/plasmid. I tried to make something that appealed to college students.



  • cool, I really like the big streak, no. 3, we should maybe think of something that could be used as a permanent logo, that we can just change the year each year. Tito is also speaking to someone about a permanent logo. --Johncumbers 18:40, 22 June 2007 (EDT)

More T-shirt Designs

Here are a couple variations on the theme for tshirts.