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DNA Molecular Motors

SpoIIIE strips proteins off the DNA during chromosome translocation.</em></em></em>
Marquis KA, Burton BM, Nollmann M, Ptacin JL, Bustamante C, Ben-Yehuda S, Rudner DZ.</em></em></em>
Genes Dev. 2008 Jul 1;22(13):1786-95. [<a href="papers/Marquis2008Genes DevSpoIIIE strips proteins off the.pdf">PDF</a>]

Dynamics of Neutrophil Migration in Lymph Nodes during Infection. </em></em>
Chtanova* T, Schaeffer* M, Han SJ, van Dooren GG, Nollmann M, Herzmark P, Chan SW, Satija H, Camfield K, Aaron H, Striepen B, Robey EA.</em></em>
Immunity. 29(3):487-96, Sep 2008 [* Equal contributions] [<a href="papers/Schaeffer_immunity.pdf">PDF</a>]

Sequence-directed DNA export guides chromosome translocation during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis. </em>
Nollmann M and Ptacin JL, Becker EC, Cozzarelli NR, Pogliano K, Bustamante C.</em>
Nature SMB 15(5):485-93, May 2008 </em> [<a href="papers/Ptacin2008Nat Struct Mol Biol.

Multiple modes of Escherichia coli DNA gyrase activity revealed by force and torque.</em>
Nöllmann M, Stone MD, Bryant Z, Gore J, Crisona NJ, Hong, Mitelheiser, Maxwell, Bustamante C, Cozzarelli NR.</em>
Nature SMB 14(4):264-71, Apr 2007 </em> [<a href="papers/Nollmann2007Nat Struct Mol BiolMultiple modes of Escherichia coli.pdf">PDF</a>]
<p>30 years of gyrase: from in vivo function to in vitro mechanism</em>
Nöllmann M, Crisona NJ, Arimondo PB.</em>
Biochimie. 89(4):490-9. Apr 2007 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2007BiochimieThirty years of Escherichia coli.pdf">PDF</a>]

Identification of the FtsK sequence-recognition domain.
Ptacin JL, Nollmann M, Bustamante C, Cozzarelli NR.</em>
Nature SMB 13(11):1023-5, Nov 2006.</em>

Giant Proteins that Move DNA: Bullies of the Genomic Playground</em>
Cozzarelli NR, Cost G, Nollmann M, Viard T, Stray JE</em>
Nature Reviews MCB 7:580-8 Aug 2006 [<a href="papers/Cozzarelli2006Nat Rev Mol Cell BiolGiant proteins that move DNA.pdf">PDF</a>]

DNA overwinds when stretched</em>
Gore J, Bryant Z, Nollmann M, Le MU, Cozzarelli NR, Bustamante C.</em>
Nature. AOP 442(7104):836-9, Aug 2006. [<a href="papers/Gore2006DNAoverwindsWhenStretched.pdf">PDF</a>]

Mechanochemical analysis of DNA gyrase using rotor bead tracking.</em>
Gore J, Bryant Z, Stone MD, Nollmann M, Cozzarelli NR, Bustamante C.</em>
Nature 439(7072):100-4, Jan 2006</em> [<a href="papers/Gore2005Naturegyrase06.pdf">PDF</a>]
<p> A global multi-technique approach to study low-resolution solution structures</em>
Nollmann M, Marshall W Stark and Byron O</em>
J of Appl. Crystallography 38: 874-887 Part 6, Dec 2005 [<a href="papers/Nöllmann2005logoA global multi-technique approach to.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Behavior of Tn3 Resolvase in Solution and Its Interaction with res.</em>
Nollmann M, Byron O, Stark WM. </em>
Biophys J. 89(3):1920-31, Sep 2005</em> [<a href="papers/Nollmann2005Biophys JBehavior of Tn3 resolvase in.pdf">PDF</a>]
<p> Low-resolution reconstruction of a synthetic DNA holliday junction.</em>
Nollmann M, Stark WM, Byron O. </em>
Biophys J. 86 (5):3060-9,May 2004 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2004Biophys JLow-resolution reconstruction of a synthetic.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Solution structure of the Tn3 resolvase-crossover site synaptic complex.</em>
Nollmann M, He J, Byron O, Stark WM. </em>
Molecular Cell 8;16(1):127-37, Oct 2004 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2004Mol CellSolution structure of the Tn3.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>A model for Protein-DNA Interaction Dynamics</em>
Etchegoin P, Nollmann M., </em>
J. Theor. Biol. 220(2): 233-239, Jan 2003 [<a href="papers/Etchegoin2003J Theor BiolA model for protein-DNA interaction.pdf">PDF</a>]

Bacterial protein toxins: Pneumolysin

           <p>SOMO (SOlution MOdeler) differences between X-Ray- and NMR-derived bead models suggest a role for side chain flexibility in protein hydrodynamics.
Rai N, Nollmann M, Spotorno B, Tassara G, Byron O, Rocco M.
Structure (Camb). 13(5):723-34, May 2005 <p>The role of cholesterol in the activity of pneumolysin, a bacterial protein toxin</em></em>
Nollmann M, Gilbert R, Mitchell T, Sferrazza M, Byron
Biophys J. 86 (5):3141-51, May 2004 <p>Solution structure and oligomerization behavior of two bacterial toxins: pneumolysin and perfringolysin o.
Solovyova AS, Nollmann M, Mitchell TJ, Byron O.
Biophys J. 87 (1):540-52, Jul 2004

Protein vibrations and hydration layer

           <p>Origin of the lognormal shape in the boson-peak of globular proteins,</em>
Nollmann M, Etchegoin P,</em>
Physica A, 294 (1-2): 44-50 May 2001 </p>
           Universal low-frequency vibrations of proteins from a simple interaction potential</em>
Nollmann M, Etchegoin P,</em>
Physical Review E 60 (4): 4593-4596, Oct 1999 [<a href="papers/Nollmann1999Phys Rev EUniversal low-frequency vibrations of proteins.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Photoinduced oxygen dynamics in lyophilized hemoglobin</em>
Nollmann M, Etchegoin P. </em>
Spectrochimica Acta Part A - 56 (14): 2817-2829, DEC 2000 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2000Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol SpectroscPhotoinduced oxygen dynamics in lyophilized.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Heat does not come in different colours: entropy-enthalpy compensation, free energy windows, quantum confinement, pressure perturbation calorimetry, solvation and the multiple causes of heat capacity effects in biomolecular interactions</em>
Cooper A, Johnson CM, Lakey JH, Nollmann M.</em>
Biophys. Chem. 93 (2-3): 215-230 Sp. Iss. SI, 2002 [<a href="papers/Cooper2001Biophys ChemHeat does not come in.pdf">PDF</a>]

Liquid Crystals

           <p>Photobleaching and reorientational dynamics of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal</em>
Nollmann M, Shalom D, Etchegoin P, Sereni J,</em>
Physical Review E 59 (2): 1850-1859, Feb 1999 [<a href="papers/Nollmann1999Phys Rev EPhotobleaching and reorientational dynamics of.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Phonon self-energies and phase transitions in a prototype discotic liquid crystal</em>
Nollmann M, Etchegoin P</em>
Physical Review E 61 (5): 5345-5348, May 2000 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2000Phys Rev EPhonon self-energies and phase transitions.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Coupling between molecular vibrations and liquid crystalline order parameters</em>
Nollmann M, Etchegoin P</em>
Physical Review E 61 (6):7235-7238, Jun 2000 [<a href="papers/Nollmann2000Phys Rev ECoupling between molecular vibrations and.pdf">PDF</a>] <p>Comment on "Photon transmission technique for studying multiple phase transitions in a liquid crystal. </em>
Etchegoin P, Nollmann M</em>
Physical Review E 61 (6): 7256-7258, Jun 2000 </p></td>