NikonEclipseTI Troubleshooting

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  • If the fluorescence light won't turn on:
    • Verify that the "Nikon C-HGFIE HG Controller" displays that the lamp is on, the shutter is open, the power is on, and the light is bright enough (DIMMEST 1/32, 1/16/, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 BRIGHTEST)
    • Verify that the "ProScan III" aka the "Driver" is connected. In NIS-Elements, go to Devices -> Manage Devices, and connect it if necessary.
  • If your image looks funky
    • The cover slide should be below the thick slide such that, without the suction from the fluid in between, the small piece of glass would fall down. It's counter-intuitive.
    • On the Microscope itself: Send the image to "Eye" if you are looking through the scope. "Left" if you want it on the computer. "L80" if you want 80% of the light to the computer, 20% to your eye.
  • Image processing software
    • Click the play button to begin seeing images.
    • Use "LUT" to enhance the picture.