Nika Vafadari Week 7

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Electronic Lab Notebook Week 7


To create the model based on the hypothesis that states that the rate of nitrogen consumption governs the duration of alcohol fermentation.

Work Flow and Methods

  • updated differential equations from week 6
  • Differential Equations
  • used equations to create function on matlab
  • Function:
  • function
  • created script for function in order to plot CO2 production rate vs. time
  • script
  • analyzed results relating them to ted schure and albertin et. al
  • created power point presentation


  • Hypothesis: Rate of nitrogen consumption controls alcohol fermentation time.

Research Model 1 Presentation Slides


  • The process result in a model that displayed the relationship between the rate of nitrogen consumption and alcohol fermentation time in yeast by converting the hypothesis into a set of differential equations that mimic the dynamics of the relationship, taking into account the fermentation kinetics and population dynamics. However, the hypothesis was rejected since the results of the effects of the rate of nitrogen consumption were inconclusive since the model produced graphs that contained no end to alcohol fermentation (when CO2 production rate drops below 0.5)


  • Key pieces from the papers listed below, were referenced throughout the presentation.
  • Spoke to Dr. Fitzpatrick in class on February 28, 2017 and in office hours on March 1, 2017 in order to determine how to plot my differential equations in matlab
  • Except for what is noted above, this individual journal entry was completed by me and not copied from another source.


  • Albertin, W., Marullo, P., Aigle, M., Dillmann, C., de Vienne, D., Bely, M., & Sicard, D. (2011). Population Size Drives Industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae Alcoholic Fermentation and Is under Genetic Control . Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77(8), 2772–2784.
  • Dahlquist, Kam D. (2017) BIOL398-05/S17:Week 7. Retrieved from on 26 February 2017.