Nicolette S. Harmon Class Journal Week 4

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  1. Yes, the in-class discussion of the article enhanced my understanding of the paper. Since it was an open dialogue, a lot of things I had not considered about the study were brought up and made me think more in depth about this article. It was also helpful to hear other people summarize parts of the article that I had trouble understanding, more specifically some of the data and what conclusions were drawn based on the information presented.
  2. No, I would say my views of original research in biology are the same. Original research is based off of an original observation that you have, not something that someone else has observed. It's not original research if you come up with a different version of a study that was done by someone else, you may be adding original factors into an experiment to make it different but the study itself is not original.

Nicolette S. Harmon 20:59, 27 September 2011 (EDT)