NanoBio: Safety & Waste Disposal

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Safety Everyday

  • Put on safety glasses every time you step into the lab.
  • If you are working in the lab, in addition to safety glasses - you should be wearing:
    • a lab coat
    • closed-toe shoes (not sandals)
    • gloves
  • When you're done in the lab:
    • leave your lab coat in the lab
    • dispose of your gloves in the biohazardous or solid waste, as appropriate
    • wash your hands!
  • Think about potential hazardous before you start an experiment - especially it is the first time you're doing it.
  • If you're unsure whether part of a procedure you're about to do might be hazardous, get advice! Ask a local expert (Michael & Melike are a good place to start) and get an answer you're comfortable with, BEFORE you start.


  • Don't eat or drink in lab.
  • Don't pipet by mouth.

Waste Disposal