NanoBio: Cleaning SiO2 surfaces

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  • Cleaning SiO2 surfaces
  1. Load coverslips into ceramic holder.
  2. Immerse in heated 20% 7x detergent for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse coverslips thoroughly for 5 minutes with double distilled water.
  4. Dry the coverslips with N2(g).
  5. Cleaning surfaces for supported bilayer formation
  6. Expose to air plasma for 3 min. using Harrick plasma cleaner in Rm 1201.
  • Note:Do not place colloidal gold or PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) in the plasma cleaner. This will contaminate the chamber and other people’s samples. If you want to plasma clean a sample that contains these materials, please talk to Paul Ashby about using a separate glass chamber
  • Note:Contact Paul Ashby for safety training in order to gain access to Rm1201.
    1. Close the needle valve.
    2. Hold the lid on the chamber.
    3. Turn on the pump.
    4. Open the needle valve so that you stably maintain a pressure of 100-140 mTorr.
    5. Turn on the power to the chamber.
    6. For SiO2, turn the power setting to high for 3 min. The chamber should glow purple with a hint of white.
    7. Turn off the pump.
    8. Watch the pressure gauge. When it reaches 1 torr, slowly open the valve until the lid pops off.