Mouse Heart Tissue Harvest for DNA Microarrays

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  • 1. Anesthesize mouse with 0.02 ml 2.5% Avertin /gram body weight.
  • 2. Make incisions through the skin and the peritoneum and cut out approximately 100-200 mg of the tissues to be analyzed.
  • 3. Immediately rinse the tissue in 1x PBS, blot dry, and weigh.
  • 4. Transfer the tissue into an eppendorf tube and freeze in liquid nitrogen.
  • 5. After all the samples are collected, they may be stored at -70°C or used for immunoprecipitation.

2.5% Avertin (Chem Name = Tribromoethanol, Fluka #90710)

   *Dilute 100% Avertin in warm PBS (55°C or higher) 
   *Filter sterilize, wrap in foil, store frozen aliqouts at -20°C 
   *Aliqouts good for ~3 weeks at 4°C 

100% Avertin

   *Dissolve Avertin in tert-amyl alcohol (Sigma #A-1685) 
   *Wrap in foil, store at 4°C, good for years. 

*Note: Tribromoethanol is extremely light sensitive. Its degradative products, HBr and dibromylacetaldehyde, are both very toxic.


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