Mounting the MCB file server onto a linux machine

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It is very easy to do this mount once you know how.

1. Create the directory which you want to be equivalent to the root directory of the mounted filesystem. On my machine I do this with

 sudo mkdir /mnt/mcb

2. Now you are ready to mount the server. After issuing the following command you will be prompted for your MCB password

 sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=friedm,workgroup=mcb,uid=baf // /mnt/mcb

Here friedm is my username on the MCB server and baf is my username on my linux box. If you don't supply username then it won't be able to make the connection. If you don't supply uid then all the mounted files will default to be owned by root on your local filesystem. In that case you will have no trouble reading them, but you will need to use sudo to make any changes or write new files.

The document on Mac and PC mounting says that some labs have truncations in their names, so if you have a PI with a long last name try some variants. If you can't figure out the correct directory, just connect using the PC or Mac instructions on a PC or Mac (available at MCB internal website) and scroll down the list of available directories.