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Lauren Ha was born in Saigon, Vietnam and came to the United States in 1975, arriving with her large family in Columbia, South Carolina to start a new life. She attended the University of South Carolina on a scholarship to study to become a doctor and quickly began to realize that the practice of medicine was still quite primitive. So she decided against going to med school, (to the unexpected relief of her mother who responded, upon hearing the news, "I never quite pictured you with your hand up someone's *** all day".)

Set adrift with a somewhat useless undergraduate degree in Biology, Lauren moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1993 to experience "life in the big city" and to figure out how else she would contribute to society. She landed quite by accident in a research lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Molecular Biology. It was there that Lauren found something she liked to do and did well: manage labs.

In 1998, she found herself helping a group of leading scientists start new research institute in Berkeley, California and enjoying life in the East Bay Hills. After 7 years at the institute, Lauren decided to move on to something new. She is currently configuring the "something new" and still trying to figure out how she will contribute to society.

If you ever find yourself really, really bored or having a hard time falling asleep, check out Lauren's new blog:


Headshot, 2000
Saigon, Vietnam 1975
Favorite People: My brothers, 2005
Skydive 2003
Sunet at Grand View 2005
DJ'ing at a house party 2004
Dapper Drew, 2005
Russian Intelligence... I mean, Intelligentsiya