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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Stacia, Stephen, Dongying, Guillaume, Sarah, Josh, Patrick, Ladan
  • Tom: half way through shotmap draft
    • Next to Stephen
  • Sarah: Comparing taxonomic and functional diversity in metagenomic samples (slides)
    • Compare gene families of interest to 37 taxonomically informative "elite" families
    • For each pair of samples, compute KR "earth mover's" distance for each family
    • Then look at KR for families of interest vs. KR distributions for elite families
      • What is KR measuring exactly? Does it depend on number of sequences and their abundances?
      • How many samples and how diverse do they need to be? Within vs. between sample diversity? Inter-study variation a problem?
      • Positive controls? Nitrite reduction, glycoside hydrolases
    • How to summarize over all pairwise comparisons? Multiple testing?
    • Visualizations
    • Alternative distance measures
  • Future calls
    • Mondays @ 1:30pm starting 10/6
    • Oct 6: tentative shot map call
    • Oct 13: TBD
    • Oct 20: Josh will present on beta diversity and range shapes