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Group Call

  • No PIs on this call, by chance.
    • Katie called in periodically from a poor internet connection.
    • Jessica in surgery
    • Jonathan teaching
  • Quarterly Progress Report: due Oct 8
    • Need to copy old template to make new one: Morgan volunteered.
    • Draft (everyone adds their sections) by Monday morning, Oct 4.
    • Make sure to add info about posters, talks, and conferences, especially since less research may have gotten done this quarter.
  • Simulations for Steve's paper:
    • He's doing simple simulations himself in R;
    • Sam will email him about what the options are for her simulations, and he'll be in touch if he wants to use them.
  • Aaron got tips on HOT Aloha data
    • Done by early fosmid library technology which supposedly biased the results.
    • Steve knows paper where they show that the data set is problematic in many ways.
  • Steve on niche range mapping
    • Trying to find data that will be good for range mapping
    • Tried ranking the data sets from different studies.
    • If there are data sets that got good rankings in first round from everyone but that are missing meta-data, should these data sets be kept?
    • Tom and Steve need to go back and change their rankings.
    • Guillaume will put together the file after those decisions.
    • Next skype call (in 2 weeks) will be a big discussion about the range mapping project.
  • James thinking about mechanistic models for the way species ranges change through time.
    • Will email with Josh offline about it.
    • Wondering about existing literature on extrapolating range maps and whether anyone has come across anything about mechanistic models.
    • Josh talked to Matthew Potts at UC Berkeley, who suggested comparing different subsets of the BCI data set according to the different mechanisms of dispersal. (Much more empirical than theoretical.)
  • Range-mapping phone call on Thursday (tomorrow) possibly rescheduled for 10am Pacific time (or maybe it's still at 1:30pm) -- to be discussed via email.