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Group Call

  • ISME
    • Tom's notes:
    • Josh's observations
      • Neutral theory for microbial soil communities with species abundance distributions (M. Vos talk)
      • Effects of dormancy on slope of species-area relationship, slope should be a lot lower with lots of dormant organisms
      • Finding oil on the sea floor using biological indicators
      • ICOMM Project: global marine samples from diverse environments (Jed Furman et al) - Josh is tracking down data
    • VIROME Project ( is looking for bioinformatics collaborations
      • Assembly is going pretty well
      • They need help with gene/genome annotation
      • No 16S-like marker (some use caspid proteins) - hard to classify sequences into taxa, need an AMPHORA for each virus family or at least gene family HMMs for the proteins in a particular viral family
      • Also marine viral biogeography and ecological questions for viruses, e.g., virus-host interactions
      • Curtis Suttle's Nature paper (Josh will post on citeulike)
      • How easily will bacterial phylogenetic methods translate to viruses? Gene transfer, highly variable sites
  • Projects using GOS data - will discuss in more detail next week
    • Compare notes about what every one is doing will GOS data
    • Steve is starting to write up a paper on PD (alpha and beta) in GOS
      • Separate paper or combine with other people's analyses
    • How are people presenting their results?
    • Could Bray-Curtis distance clustering be used for lots of different data types?
  • 16S global diversity mapping
    • What samples are marine and usable?
    • Steve and Guillaume made a spreadsheet using lat/long and filtering, needs to be manually screened (~900 to look at)
      • Form a working group to discuss syntax for this if going to split up the manual checking - 1pm Thurs (Pacific time)
      • Should put the terrestrial ones into a separate pile
    • Drop ones with no meta-data
      • Might be able to recover some of them via backtracking to literature
    • Description field some times has info on depth or environment