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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Patrick, Ladan, Guillaume, Josh, Stephen, Dongying
  • Call time: every other week is good
    • Want to refocus for the last year of the grant
    • Longer meeting (in person or not) to set priorities and identify synergies
  • Tara Oceans
    • Stephen ran metagenomes (bacterial size fractions) through PhyloCNV pipeline
      • Species abundance
      • Gene copy number variants (CNVs) for abundant species
      • Single nucleotide variants (SNVs) for abundance species
    • Stephen also ran ShotMAP for protein family RPKGs for KEGG
    • Josh looked legacy effects (past climate predicting current microbial distributions better than current climate)
      • Niche modeling code
      • Taxa do not have much evidence of legacy effects, but protein families (KOs) do
        • Bimodel distribution of KO best models - some 1960, some current
        • Need to check for technical issues
        • Surprising perhaps for marine bacteria and given taxonomic results
      • Could predict future distributions if climate equilibrated
      • Katie: think about model assumptions, check residuals
      • Patrick: check colinearity of environmental variables, also if past climate is driving current variables (nutrients?)
    • Who else can use this data?
      • Tom: Inferring function of protein family from ecological conditions where it is found
        • Katie: Could we use CNVs and thereby control for taxonomy (at species level)?