Moore Notes 9 10 14

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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Jonathan, Guillaume, Dongying, Sarah, Patrick, Josh, Stephen
  • Call time for Fall
    • Katie and Tom are teaching
    • Mondays 1:30pm starting Oct 6
  • Shotmap paper updates
    • Tom: shotmap code development done, also auto-install and auto-configuration, wrapping up testing on multiple machines
      • Patrick can try desktop
      • Guillaume is getting some perl installation failures, will send logs to Tom
    • L4 data analysis
      • a minority of gene families in photosynthesis module follow Gilbert pattern
      • some diversity metrics agree, but not all
      • better to compare figfams to theirs (KOs really different)
    • MetaHIT
      • Patrick working on text and a figure or two (e.g., identified biomarkers across samples)
    • Analysis results written up by Friday if possible