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PI Call: JG & KP

  • Global Viral Forecasting Initiative
    • JG had meeting in SF with Nathan Wolfe (met at TED)
    • KP knows Joseph Fair (director of global field operations)
  • No-cost extension
  • Future GBMF funding
  • Tom's NSF bioinformatics fellowship situation
  • Integrating theory/informatics with data collection (from project beginnings)
  • What is future of iSEEM? Our labs?
    • JG's built environment center (Sloan) - environment/microbes part only
    • JE has funding from Sloan to do networking, communications, etc on built environment (microbenet)
    • KP is interested in human aspect and human-ecology interactions
    • HMP
    • Energy consumption/global climate change, epidemiology
    • Health care facilities: Susan Kaplan (U Illinois, Chicago)
    • Not a lot of theory people in built environment field - has been one pathogen at a time
  • How will JE and Eisen lab wrap up/continue?