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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Patrick. Dongying, Guillaume, Stephen
  • Tara Oceans strain level analyses (Stephen)
    • Ran phylogenetic and functional (gene loss) variation
    • Geography and environmental correlations at sampling locations
    • Tom: what fraction of reads map to reference genomes?
      • Are functional diversity profiles correlated between genome mapped and shotmap?
      • Mapping location of protein families might only be possible if we have reference genomes
      • Outlier samples might have ecological novelty
    • Patrick: high variation
    • Selection and drift
    • Tom will also follow up on protein family covariation
  • Humann2
    • First maps reads to reference db (bowtie), then homology search with higher sensitivity
    • Two steps for computational efficiency
  • Call time will stay at 1:30pm Mondays