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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Josh, Sarah, Ladan, Guillaume, Dongying, Stephen
  • Katie: sampling random (sub)trees with fixed number of leaves and a target PD
    • Aram will follow up with Dongying
  • Google Earth Geo for Good workshop
  • Google exacycle compute resources getting set up
  • Shotgun metagenomic sequencing
    • EMP samples are mostly coastal (see map)
      • Costal samples are geographically clustered
      • Open ocean samples are mostly not surface waters (benthic, pelagic, sediments)
    • Other potential samples
      • Gulf of Mexico (Jack's, same as EMP?), Carribean (EMP and Tom's contact)
      • Josh: what about petri dish sampling of ocean-air interface on coasts?
      • Katie will follow up with Jack to see if he has something else
    • Citizen science?
  • PICRUSt paper came out yesterday
    • Maybe we can do functional analysis based on 16S data
    • How deep is MICROBIS 16s sequencing vs. validation analyses in their paper
      • Politics of working with MICROBIS?
    • Katie: Maybe niche maps are OK even if individual families are not well quantified
    • Josh: But is a functional diversity map very interesting (might just look like the 16s map)?
      • When would they look different
    • The most interesting families (ecologically correlated) may not be well quantified
    • Sarah: could use independent shotgun metagenomes at a few location for validation
    • Could this approach address the question of endemism of protein families? Or carbon sequestration questions?
    • Tom will discuss feasibility with Morgan, Guillaume will get it installed
  • Tom subcontract: next time