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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Jonathan, Dongying, Guillaume, Josh, Stacia, Stephen, Patrick
  • Tom: Does any one know of a tool that visualizes changes in trees over time/space?
    • Idea
      • One big tree with all 16S sequences
      • Identify subtrees for particular data subset (e.g., time points, locations)
      • Assess overlap
    • Similar to comparing diversification across clades in plant/animal literature
    • Cytoscape for visualization
  • Fungal allergen mapping
    • Will climate change affect distributions of fungal allergens?
    • 1000 Homes genus-level taxonomic data (16S and ITS)
      • Look at species level (some allergenic, some not in same genus) to see if genus is OK
      • Same problem has come up with pathogens
      • Try all the OTUs within the genera with spatial patterns
      • What is relationship between doorsill dust and actual relative abundance? Same for all genera? All doorsills? Other sites in the home?
      • Do the ITS copy number variations make it hard to infer relative abundance of the taxon?
        • Try presence/absence to see if patterns robust to quantification of abundance
      • Should make maps for other taxa even if we don't know their allergenicity
    • All subsets model selection for each historical climatology
    • Could we try a sequential treatment of climate that integrates over a time period?
    • State is too course resolution for cartograms - try counties
    • What is the story?
      • Focus on specific places, do some validation
      • Many plant associated - expansion of agriculture?
      • Other human-associated factors?
      • Correlations between fungi and bacteria
    • Relationship to Sarah's project looking at longer (geological) time scale effects of climate on bacterial distributions
    • Why do some genera have spatial autocorrelation and others not? What other variables are correlated with having spatial patterns?
  • Future calls
    • Next time: Dongying
    • Two weeks: Sarah?