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PI Call

  • Follow up with Kelly - JE will email
  • Cal Academy
    • California microbial diversity
    • JE talking to them about curator of microbial diversity position
  • Planning for Future (Nov onward)
    • What funding sources will be used?
      • JG: Built environment grant
      • KP: Start-up, Gladstone funds, maybe fellowships, may write new grants (NSF/NIH Math Bio, UCSF intramural)
      • JE: JGI subcontract (covered part of two postdocs and JE, trying to get another year, salary only). 1/2 postdoc from Sloan.
    • Try to get more funding from Sloan? Would need to collect new data. Wait and see what the vision will be, if human health will be included.
    • Start new projects?
    • Continue regular calls?
    • Tom to UCD once a week? Support - e.g., Travel expenses
      • Always welcome at lab meeting
      • Will have to see what grants people land on, but hopefully will be able to keep collaborating
  • HMP data analysis
  • JE is doing monthly editorials for PLoS Bio
    • Open data
    • Credit for data producers, citing data sets where there was no match to your sequence