Moore Notes 8 12 09

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PI Call (JG, JE, KP)

  • Dec meeting
    • attending
      • Green lab: Steve, James, JG
      • Eisen lab: let KP know
    • organization
      • each person will lead on a topic
      • goals: conversation, feedback
  • New budget
    • Donying might get paid by JGI
    • JGs didn't change
    • Check on $5K extra for computers to JG and KP when $ arrives
  • New funding sources
    • Moore?
    • Sloan Foundation
      • idea: coordinating overlapping projects (Paula S.), e.g. a meeting to discuss collaborations
      • Not just indoor air
    • McDonald Foundation
      • collaborative awards (vs. research awards)
    • Human microbiome project
      • Owen White (UMD) has ~$15 million for a data analysis and coordination center (workflows)
      • Jumpstart: $20 million to genome centers, with informatics working group
      • Calls for research proposals occasionally
    • Other NIH
  • Engineer hiring