Moore Notes 7 22 09

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Group Call

  • 16S based OTUs from GOS (Josh)
    • Quince got data from Rusch
    • They only have them for all samples together
    • Do they know which reads go into OTUs: could try to de-convolve
      • clustering might be better with full data
    • Or we could start from scratch
  • Tom: interest in a svn repository?
    • Srijak: setting up iSEEM server this week
    • Will check with Mike Lewis and Marisano
    • Just a data/code drop box, not for running code
      • same network as genbeo
      • how to get software on genbeo?
  • Group meeting: Dec. 15-16
  • Subcontract funds
    • Martin and Katie still waiting
  • Steve will give a workshop this weekend: Botany and Mycology meetings
    • Will meet with Alexis about raxml methods
    • Sam will email by Sunday night
  • Steve is going to ESA following week
  • Dongying and Sam and Tom are going CIPRES
  • Marisano: wants to go to Illumina users group meeting
    • UCB, Aug 7
  • Getting postdocs together
    • Tom: very useful to go back and forth
    • Try to do a monthly get together
    • Steve would like to come down some time this Fall
    • Josh has a cheap airline
  • Everybdody update skype this week