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Group Call

  • Participants:Katie, Patrick, Josh, Stacia, Sarah, Dongying
  • Sarah: Comparing functional and taxonomic diversity (slides)
    • Lower or higher than expected gene family diversity given the taxonomic composition
    • Multiple samples with different environments to set expectations
    • Look into exactly what KR distance measures
      • How is "work" quantified?
      • How does it account for differences in tree topology and size across markers?
    • Doing all pair-wise comparisons and many gene families generates a big multiple testing problem
    • Compare taxonomic markers to other gene families
      • Taxonomic markers are more similar in the same environment
      • Searched for Sfams with higher or lower KRs than all taxonomic markers (in a given environment)
    • Josh: Why not plot taxonomic diversity vs. functional diversity and fit a regression?
      • Is this alpha vs. beta diversity?
    • Challenge of identifying the function of the families with interesting patterns