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Group Call

  • No-cost extension
    • KP: email Gail/Lauren to get estimates
    • JE: UCD Chancellor is working on admin efficacy
    • JE: Elke (Kepler project lead at UCSD) wants to talk about STAP/workflows
      • will check on AMPHORA, ZORRO
      • future developments: OTU pipeline
    • KP: we will be able to revise CAMERA outcomes with Kelly
  • Aram (Pollard lab rotation student) made a webscraper to grab data from CAMERA
    • Tom: Same directory configuration at CAMERA
    • Put on Edhar? Getting full though...
    • Tom will figure out size of the data sets
  • Distance-decay theory vs. data available
    • JG: GOS plots from James and Josh at annual meeting show no distance-decay pattern
    • Steve's 16S data shows really course differences in habitat are main drivers
    • James' work treats environment as fixed, works in space - so this is a problem
    • New data? e.g. JG's PCR-based soil data
    • New theory for environmental gradients?
    • KP: Data will change, Moore wants to fund theory-driven data collection
    • Write review about sampling?
    • JG: Can we communicate about data sets as we produce them?
    • Morgan: Can we work on CAMERA? Tom: schema changes, not flat files