Moore Notes 5 29 13

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Group Call

  • Participants: Jonathan, Stephen, Dongying, Ladan, Josh, Guillaume
  • Stephen
    • Functional annotations of Sfams
    • Working on building hMMs for keg orthology groups. Still going on.
    • Will be sharing his observations regarding LAST and low similarity "hits"
  • Dongying
    • Map Marker families to Sfams
    • 40 markers are spread out into multiple Sfam families
    • Multiple mapping issues.
    • Most marker families are mapping to 2 Sfams. Thinking 1 is bacteria and 1 is archea
      1. 5 is mapping to 6 families
      2. 39 maps to 6.
    • Mapping done by Consensus sequence of each marker search against the Sfams.
    • Use the Sfams to refine the marker family building.
    • Is it worth looking at alignment length? (Stephen)
      • Stephen has noticed Sfams being split due to their alignment length
  • Josh : will be presenting his work for the Eisenlab on July 23rd.
  • Guillaume : No update
  • Ladan : No update
  • Planning on having phone calls for the next two weeks in preparation for the June 17th retreat.