Moore Notes 5 28 14

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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Jonathan, Tom, Josh, Stacia, Stephen, Ladan, Sarah
  • Samantha and others at GBMF really like system
    • Think about this when you produce a talk, poster, data, paper, etc.
    • Files should be posted to figshare
    • Details on wiki, then Jonathan will move them to
    • Long term people should get their own accounts
    • The Sloan Foundation people who funded like our creation of a project page (first one of its kind)
  • Grant progress report almost done
    • Subcontract budget variance
    • Will post PDF to wiki - review to see where your work fits into the long-term goals
    • Tom will review today
  • CAMERA shutting down
  • Ladan will present on June 4th
  • No call on June 11th, except possible shotmap discussion
  • Sarah will present on June 18th