Moore Notes 5 27 09

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PI Call

  • Budget
    • Gail's budget was wrong (missing roll-over from year 1)
    • Moore needs amount invoiced before 12/31/08 at Gladstone
    • funds transfer to Gladstone for Tom
    • enough for another postdoc in Oregon?
    • JE talked with Kelly at ASM: can do UC budget categories
  • Kelly - re: CAMERA
    • Will mediate to get us resources
    • rolling out v2 in next month (after that)
  • Bioinformatics support
    • Srijak has a visa issue and is not able to work from India
    • Aaron and Morgan may be able to fill in
    • Backup plan: could possibly use Alisha (Gladstone bioinformatics core)
  • Reschedule of August meeting