Moore Notes 5 21 14

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  • Shotmap update
    • Big update pushed out last night
      • Simplified interface with the workflow
      • Local compute server now fully operational
        • Patrick and benchmarking ?
      • Database-free classification and abundance calculations are now available options
        • Almost have a completely database-free version up and running
    • Starting to reclassify data. Could use some help. Stacia?
      • Stacia will test drive new version and then start reclassification of KEGG and SFams; will organize what’s been done and what settings were used, where it’s located
      • Tom work on orf based rarefaction for the L4 analysis
      • MetaHIT classifications:
        • Patrick and MetaCyc
        • Tim’s samples: Tom and Stacia
        • Tom will run his samples
    • Will then pass MetaHIT results to Stephen and Patrick for follow-up analysis
  • Other updates?
    • Stephen interested in describing the core genome of microbial taxa using metagenomic data for the perspective of scaffolding reads for population-genetic analyses. He notes that this relates to some of Tom’s recent ideas on core/flex genome size, functional diversification, and environmental relationships
    • They’ll stay in touch about progress and look for ways to collaborate on this front
    • Sarah may have update in near future
    • Ladan will have summer internship (Udacity). Starts June 9, until Sept. 15. Not sure if she’ll be able to participate in calls.