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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Dongying, Stacia, Stephen, Patrick, Josh, Ladan, Sarah
  • In-person meeting May 8
  • Progress report due June 1
  • Patrick/Stephen: Keystone meeting update
    • Topics: Chemical transformations in the microbiome
      • Drug metabolism, other metabolic pathways
      • Methods for identifying small molecules that promote communities to grow together
      • Not much pathway identification/prediction of pathways (data still coming)
      • Identifiability of microbiomes, forensics (1/100 - 1/1000 vs. 1/10000 with human DNA)
      • Temporal variation, longitudinal data: random, short-term fluctuations around a (somewhat stable) mean
        • Mariel leaving end of May, so should we get mouse data processed asap for longitudinal modeling?
        • Caporaso et al. 2011. Moving pictures of the human microbiome:
        • Power analysis
        • Gold standard data sets? In vitro mock communities (bioreactor?), simulations of longitudinal studies (new software?)
        • Community ecology models for disturbances, recolonization
    • Techniques: metabolomics, genome-mining
    • American gut data now available
  • Josh: correlating land and marine microbiomes
    • Is there spatial auto-correlation between terrestrial and marine sites?
    • Is this higher when there is a delta?
    • Taxonomic (e.g., EMP 16S data) vs. functional (e.g., antibiotic resistance genes)
    • Sourcetracker tool (classifier, not biogeographic model)
  • Future calls
    • Next time: Shotmap call
    • Two weeks: Planning for May meeting