Moore Notes 4 8 09

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PIs Only

  • James got a UK Bioinformatics fellowship starting in Jan 2010
  • JE working on budget with Davis grants people
  • Grant with Kimmen S.
  • Albert Wu
  • Tom Sharpton
    • novelty
    • population genetics
      • with Jenna? Steve?
      • simulate communities w/ recombination, mutations (in vitro, in silico)
      • simple data sets (acid mine, sequencing of Rich Lenksi's strains-DARPA)
    • late May start date
  • Hélène/Jessica & Josh
  • Using the wiki more
    • write up what you are working on (weekly?)
    • format?
    • how to organize?
      • by person
      • by topic (better)
      • use recent changes to see what everyone is up to
    • like a lab notebook or summary of lab notebook
    • Useful for writing reports
  • Question from JG about submitting to NIH