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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Stephen, Guillaume, Dongying
  • June 17 meeting in SF
    • Double check with JE and SF
    • Grant progress check
    • SFams discussion
  • Guillaume
    • Will be pushing a MySQL dump shortly
  • Database speed
    • Tom: installing TokuDB on shattuck
    • Katie: SAP visit
      • Compression
      • Databases in memory
    • Stephen: changing some of the MySQL settings, which also helps
  • Tom: We need a JGI data file that maps IMG ID numbers (old to new)
    • Dongying: New people at JGI don't know a lot about IMG
    • Use sequence itself as the unique identifier?
    • Stephen: Try NCBI (higher level) ID
    • Dongying: Drop old sequence and just use new one
      • Tom: need to talk about how to implement this - could be very time consuming without much benefit
  • Progress Report due June 1st
    • A couple sentences each due to Katie Friday, May 24