Moore Notes 4 24 09-EisenCallWithCamera

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JE talked with Ilkay from Camera this PM

they have been working on implementing some of our software within CAMERA, some as sort of stand alone apps and some as workflows and some apparently as both

it was a 10 minute phone call and she was in the Netherlands where it was like 1 AM so not much info got exchanged

but they have been doing some things with the following tools to make them more broadly available within CAMERA

STAP: apparently it is running at CAMERA in its downloadable form and they are working on a workflow version of it which is nearly ready

AMPHORA: they are looking into it but need a replacement for WU-Blast.

WATERS: they are working on how to have our workflow work in their system

ZORRO: apparently they have this running in some form

So it seems they are nearly ready to demo some stuff to us --- and would like to shcedule some time to do this

I then asked about access to compute time and was a bit insistent and perplexed about how this always seems to not happen. As this (of course) is not Ilkays arena, she said to talk to someone else. I will try that next week and hopefully get some login access for us to use their cluster