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Group Call

  • Participants: Jonathan, Katie, Tom, Donying, Guillaume, Josh, Stacia, Ladan, Sarah, Patrick
  • May meeting planning
    • Date: Thursday, May 8
    • Samantha Forde can attend 10:30-2:30pm
    • Topic brainstorming:
      • Progress and Future tangibles: software, deliverables, research results
        • Unfinished work and what we need to obtain to answer them
      • Aquatic, terrestrial?, and marine interface
      • Open and emerging analytical challenges in our field(s)
      • What questions can we address with the data that is available?
        • Concrete plan of action
      • Should we be generating data?
      • Use of simulations
      • Temporal variation analysis
      • Biodiversity hotspots from a functional perspective
      • New metabolic pathways across environmental samples
      • Network algorithm analysis to look at a higher level agglomeration of data
      • Impact of new sequencing technologies on future informatics and sampling (PacBio, Moleculo, MinION vs. assemblies from short reads)
        • Assemblies get confused if abundant organisms have lots of polymorphism
        • Information gleaned from rare organisms benefits from having a few long reads
        • Is streaming sequencing possible? Maybe.
          • Library prep becomes the rate limiting step
          • Algorithms for dealing with data coming in at this rate
    • Organization:
      • First part: progress, new directions, challenges
      • Second part: topics where we're trying to solve specific problems (other than data availability, e.g., whole genome analysis, networks, phylogeography)