Moore Notes 4 15 09

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Group Call

  • Simulation stuff
    • Need the "drop box" at UCD - temporary solution: Use UO machine
    • Jess & Steve paper idea: effects of different components of the pipeline on measures
      • make communities and simulate metagenomic reads
      • what to assess: trees? more: pd? otus? AMPHORA? other methods?
      • how to keep it from spiraling out of control?
      • for PLoS Comp Bio review?
    • Make a piece of software to do simulations/comparisons (for the community to test their data)
  • Bob Edgar's tools
    • Give him some simulated data sets
    • Try it a few times and see
  • Openwetware notes
    • Sam's stuff is in 3 places: consolidate. what is the scope?
    • Use individual's home pages/lab notebooks that possibly link to other pages
      • Steve will put a link to the members page on our members only home page
      • These member pages will be our home pages with what we are doing and/or linking to project pages that give this information
  • SARs
    • Bill Kunin collaboration
    • question: new function for SAR vs. linear vs. logistic?
      • has logistic been used in the literature? Helene says no.
      • James is working on mechanistic approach: maybe logit for distance decay?
    • testing
      • use Terry Erwin's estimates (large scale from small scale)
  • Donying's plans for extending the collection of gene families
    • JG: Actinobacteria
    • Everyone will send their clade requests to Dongying and JE
  • Need AMPHORA run on GOS
    • Steve will request from Srijak