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PI Call

  • No-cost extension
    • UCD burn-rate: still working on it
    • UCD financial department wants to put in the official extension request
    • They sent Kelly updated financials (through Dec)
  • Bank Beszteri's SSU rRNA project (Steve Giovannoni's postdoc)
  • Steve's paper: strategy
    • Contact editor about resubmitting
    • Not a software paper: but could compare to output from existing tools, even though it is different
    • How to emphasize the novelty of the manuscript?
      • marrying community phylogenetics approach and microbial genomics
      • broaden how it is written
      • ask editor if necessary to add GOS (but don't want to take too long)
  • Josh's paper: discussion
    • Last version with updated references has Katie's reorganization changes
    • Ideas for discussion:
      • Foreshadow the range estimation and SAR work to come
      • Biogeography literature based on ranges (Rawbeck, Jets, others)
        • i.e. say that can turn around ranges -> distance decay to be distance decay -> ranges
        • JG can pull together references
        • JL should by Biogeography text book: range is the fundamental unit of biogeography, also Macroecology text
      • KP: what biological insight is gained over previous publications on the data sets?
        • Tom had an interpretation of the analyses (JL will check notes from lab meeting)
      • Emphasize two-phase distance-decay pattern,
        • especially with regard to small distances relative to sampling plot
        • Harte refers to "scale-breaks" in distance-decay
      • CS literature on overlapping polygons
      • Under general assumptions, with random sampling, will always get a quadratic distance-decay,
        • i.e. it results from the sampling
        • or strange underlying ranges
  • Symposium at Stanford
  • Kelly visiting UCSF on Monday 4/19
  • Biotorrents paper coming out, and Morgan is getting