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Group Call

  • Participants: Katie, Tom, Josh, Patrick, Ladan, Dongying, Stephen, Stacia, Guillaume
  • GBMF logistics
    • No-cost extension
    • Progress report coming up
  • Shotmap manuscript reviews from PLoS
    • Novelty versus other methods
      • Especially Reviewer 1
    • Simulations
      • More scenarios
    • Data analyses
      • Additional data sets? Maybe other IBD samples
      • New, more novel analyses
      • Use RPKG? (counts versus bp that align)
    • Software development
      • How easy is it to use?
      • Patrick and collaborator: problem getting rapsearch2 running on Mac OSX (used Stephen's compiled binaries)
        • Virtual machine (ubuntu) might be a solution
      • Other cluster queuing (e.g., PSB)
  • Tara Oceans
    • functional profiles running
    • average genome size niche modeling
      • Samples show only a little spatial autocorrelation
      • Ran all subsets model selection (Results)
        • Cross validation predictive power is low
        • Most predictive variables are Dust
      • Stephen: condition on size fraction
  • Next Calls
    • Stacia: April 27th, 1pm
    • Tom: May 11th